“The Pecanwood way of life is based on community living within a prestige secure environment.”

There are a number of permanent residents who call Pecanwood their humble abode. A large percentage are also weekenders, who enjoy the boating and golfing lifestyle Pecanwood has to offer.

Whether you are a family just starting out, a retired couple wanting serenity and beauty, or even a workaholic looking for a place to unwind, Pecanwood covers all the bases.


Reception & Clubhouse
012 244 8000

Pecanwood Estate prides itself on the beauty of the aesthetic appearance of the Estate.

Rules and guidelines were formulated to assist homeowners as well as their contractors to work on the Estate and remain within the rules. The Estate’s beautiful architectural style is monitored and controlled by the Architectural Department.

The Architectural manager will assist all homeowners with queries. They will also conduct site handovers and approve new contractors on the Estate.


Building Controller

Jadewin Opperman
082 317 5383

PHOA Amended Architectural Guidelines – Generators

The Association of Residential Communities (ARC) proactively supports the members of Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and Bodies Corporate, as well as their management teams in the achievement of their vision which classically is to protect, maintain and enhance the value of the property as well as the lives and lifestyles of their residents.

ARC support services are aimed at all organised residential communities such as golf, lifestyle and leisure estates, cluster developments and townhouse complexes. ARC practically engages with members and offers a wide range of supporting services, dynamic networking opportunities, access to best practice and provision of policies, procedures, tools and templates for the effective management and leadership of the communities they serve.

ARC believes that 80% of HOAs share similar issues and challenges and that there is a great opportunity for increasing efficiencies through sharing information and collective networking.

We continue to strive to meet the needs of our members and the industry.


The main objective of CAISA is to provide training and development that culminate in qualifications and professional designations for its members through the Professional Management Development Program (PMDP).

CAISA was established in 2013, currently the only International chapter of The Community Association Institute (USA). Community Managers, Service Providers and Directors form part of the current membership of almost 100 members.


The Institute of Directors in Southern Africa NPC (IoDSA) is a professional body recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and a non-profit company (NPC) that exists to promote corporate governance, and to maintain and enhance the credibility of directorship as a profession (SAQA ID: 836).


Advocating our Industry’s ability to self-govern

The RCC will formulate, deliberate and express the united voice, and be the representative body of the Residential Community Industry (RCI), including all aspects with respect to the interaction between the industry and government (whether national, provincial or local), or any other statutory bodies, as well as interaction with other public or private individual, entity or institution with regards to matters which may be of concern or interest to the RCI or RCC.
The RCC will establish, regulate, and sustain the National Working Committee and Regional Working Committees on behalf of its Members throughout the industry, to carry out the functions identified by the Members as being consistent with those of a self-regulating industry. These Regional Working Committees will nominate their respective members to serve on the Board of the RCC.


Servest Landscaping’s innovation, passion for service and quality are eminent in all landscape installation and maintenance projects.

We add value to property (commercial or residential) with unique shapes, colours, patterns and quality products that blend in with any landscape style.

Our team of dedicated professionals and skilled personnel deliver according to clients’ requirements and expectations – every time.

Our dedicated team are full of LIFE and ready to bring LIFE to Pecanwood Estate!


Urby Ueckermann: Environmental Manager
065 928 2501

Environmental Managment Plan

24H On-Site Medical Emergencies

JJ van Rooyen
083 638 4669

Building Controller

Jadewin Opperman
082 317 5383

Country Club Manager

Morne Botha
081 358 8553

Environmental Manager

Urby Ueckermann
065 928 2501

Community Association Manager

Hannes Hendriks
081 422 5804

Company Secretary

Odean Ueckermann
079 510 5744

Golf Operations Manager

Kevin Wylie
081 527 4741

Golf Operations Assistance

Mari-lize Botha
065 945 2557

Pecanwood HOA Reception

012 244 8000

Pro Shop

012 244 8080

Reaction Officer

076 679 0388

Security Control Room

012 244 1126 / 012 244 1128 / 063 751 7521

Security Duty Manager

082 054 5655

Security Manager

Derick Crous
065 891 93 19

Technical Supervisor

Breyten de Jager
082 800 3575

Technical Manager

Henco van Rooyen
076 251 9054

The Pecanwood HOA is glad to inform residents that there will now be a paramedic available on the Estate, 24 hours a day. The paramedic can be contacted on 083 638 4669, alternatively any emergencies can also be reported to the Security Control Room on 012 244 1126/8.

Medical Courtesy Call Service
A medical courtesy call service is offered for residents who require a regular courtesy call. To ensure the well-being of residents who may live alone or require a regular check-in, a courtesy call will be made in the morning and again in the evening.


African Event Medical Services “AEMS”
083 638 4669


Omega Risk Solutions was established by a consortium of risk management experts who are passionate about providing advanced, integrated security solutions to their clients. The management team offers international security management experience gained in Africa, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, UK and USA. Significant successes were achieved in Africa, and the consistently high quality of our services and standards is recognised worldwide.

The business philosophy of Omega Risk Solutions is based on a thorough understanding of its clients’ requirements in order to present them with innovative and cost-effective solutions. A new benchmark was set by moving away from a onedimensional service approach towards security solutions that encompass a combination of welldiversified service offerings.

Core services that are provided to achieve an advanced integrated security solution include the following:

  • Security Surveys
  • Protection
  • Manned Guarding
  • Monitoring and Response
  • Technology
  • Loss Control
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Fire Risk Management
  • First Aid

The following specialised services are offered as part of the solution package, or as separate products:

  • Risk Surveys and Audits
  • Forensic and other Specialised Investigations
  • Information Technology Security
  • Integrity Assessments and Profiling
  • Security Training Programmes
  • VIP Protection, Protocol and Safe Transport Services
  • De-mining and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Services
  • Drugs, Explosives and Firearm Detection
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cash Management Services


The Security Control Room is available 24/7
012 244 1126 / 012 244 1128 / 063 751 7521

Security Manager: 065 891 9319
Email: securitymanager@pecanwoodhoa.co.za

The Pecanwood Homeowners Association is responsible for the upkeep of infrastructure such as sewer, roads and storm water and the essential delivery of potable water. A Utility Plant, located on the southern side of the Estate, treats water as well as sewer and the Estate operates uniquely in that only electricity and refuge removal are done by local authority. More than 63 pumps are utilised on a daily basis to bring essential services to residence. The gardens as well as the golf course are irrigated using state of the art pumping stations to keep the Estate green. Interlinking internal dams add to the aesthetics and these dams are maintained to enhance the living experience on the Estate.

Other than maintaining infrastructure the technical team always strives to upgrade the facility by employing strategic plans through capital replacement projects, reserve funding models and design advances.

The technical team are also passionate and involved in seasonal displays such as Christmas decorations to name but one. Other functions include maintenance on jungle gyms, pool maintenance, erosion protection and many more. Residents can rest assured that the technical team go the extra mile to ensure service delivery of the highest standard.

Responsibilities Include:
Storm water reticulation
Sewer reticulation
Road infrastructure
Potable water infrastructure
Irrigation pump stations
Utility Plant
Back Up power
Capital projects
Building maintenance
Asset management

Utilities Plant
Pecanwood Estate water and sewer reticulation is self-maintained. A Utilities Plant, situated on the southern side of the Estate, supplying potable water to the Estate as well as to the Pecanwood college. 3x 1 000 000 litre sewer reactors process the sewer and the grey water is reintroduced into the lakes on the Estate. This water in turn is utilized for irrigation purposes.

Water quality is of utmost importance and thus our water and sewer gets tested on a daily basis by the operating staff at the utilities plant. Monthly laboratories tests are conducted by an independent lab appointed by Prentec and quarterly tests are conducted by Aquatico on both the potable as well as irrigation water.

The technical department conducts road repairs, painting, weeding, signage, lamp poles, storm water and curbs throughout the year.

Sewer pumps
There are several sewer pumps and pump stations on the Estate to pump sewer to the Utilities Plant. The sewer reticulation is checked and maintained on a daily basis.

The City of Tshwane is responsible for the electrical reticulation and supply to the Estate.
All major sewer pumps have backup generators in case of a power failure.

A new stabilization tank has been fitted to address the hardiness of the water and a new ultra-filtration unit was fitted in 2012 to filter 1500m³ litres of water per day.
All the potable water on the Estate is supplied by boreholes situated on the Estate.

The technical department consists of a small staff complement and sub-contractors are used for specialised work.


Henco van Rooyen: Technical Manager
076 251 9054

Breyten de Jager: Technical Supervisor
082 800 3575

Board of Directors

Moses Kgosana
Madelein Barnard
Lesley Andrew
Mags Myburgh
Pieter De Haas
Mike Florence
Ken Millhouse

Boat Committee Members

Greg Taylor – Chairman
Chad Peterson
Charles Parsons
Dieter Lauterbach
Byron Calvert

Golf Committee Members

Douglas Campbell – Chairman
Lloyd Griessel – Men’s Captain
Janet Welthagen – Ladies Captain
Beverley Griessel
Karen Weskob
Colin Kirkland
Ronnie Phillipson